Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Mark Jablonic, President

   We made it! We got through the VERY rainy spring and summer that we had and made it to another hunting season. As you read this, we are either preparing for or are into archery deer, fall bear, fall turkey, assorted waterfowl and small game seasons. If you are like me, you’ve been to the range practicing between the rain drops. I hope your food plots or hunting land stayed drier than mine. Without the normal summer dry down, my food plots which tend to be in lower areas, should have been planted in rice.


   Speaking of hunting seasons, this year’s Wisconsin Youth deer hunt is October 7 & 8. If you know someone who would like to start deer hunting, why not make an effort to help them do it. The weather is warm, most deer haven’t been hunted yet, and you might recruit someone into a hobby that can last a lifetime.


   Also, with deer hunting seasons in mind, this year there’s a new rule that allows hunters to leave portable blinds and stands on public property. Make sure you check the DNR regulations before you do it.


   Speaking of practicing, those of you who have and hunt with dogs, have you been working them? Just like your shooting skills, they too need to keep their hunting skills sharp. If I just reminded you to do it, it might be too late.


   We are now the proud owners of our own Sensory Safari trailer thanks to Joe Koback. Joe was instrumental in helping us repurpose the trailer he used for the Central Wisconsin chapter. We may be looking for any extra mounts you may have lying around your house. As we start to re-outfit the trailer and mounts I will let you know what we have a need for.


   One other thing we could use some help with, we are looking for some programs for women or youth to support with funding through our Sables chapter. If you know of something or someone, please bring it to the attention of Terry Reinke, our Sables Chair, or one of our other Board members.


   Our website is up and running. Check it to see what is happening with your chapter. Chapter memberships make great birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts. Our member’s meeting will be held at Primo’s in Oshkosh on September 13th and Antlers Supper Club in Bonduel on October 11th.


Now go outside and play.





I look forward to seeing you October 11th for our next members meeting at Antlers Supper Club in Bonduel.
Dr. Bob Peterson will take us on a Marco Polo and
Ibex hunt in Tajikistan.