Northeast Wisconsin Chapter

SCI Northeast Wisconsin Chapter
By: Mark Jablonic, President

Why am I having such a hard time starting this article? It’s not like there isn’t a lot to write about. Most of us have probably been afield hunting for something by now. Depending on when you got your HUNTERS, you could have been bow-hunting for deer, fall bear, small game, waterfowl or maybe your boat is still in the water and you’re still trying to land a mess of fish. And that’s just here in our backyard. Isn’t it great what we’re able to do? I cherish those times outdoors. And a big “Thank you” to all of you for supporting SCI and its mission so we can do these things.


First off, our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and neighbors who may have been affected by flooding from one of the hurricanes or losses due to wildfires out west. After seeing the effects of these natural disasters, I don’t feel so bad about having an overly wet spring and summer here in Wisconsin.


I know it’s not winter yet, but it’s not too early to start planning for EXPOs. SCI National is January 31-February 3, 2018 in Las Vegas. Our fundraiser for the Northeast Wisconsin chapter is February 24 at SHOPKO Hall in Green Bay. And, you can check out the other local chapter’s EXPOs in this issue. The EXPOs aren’t just about getting a hunt cheap. It’s to expose people to the SCI message and mission. It’s to raise funds to carry out the message and mission of SCI. And, if you’re lucky, you’re the high bidder on a hunt that has been VERY generously donated to us to carry on this mission. SCI gets necessary funding and you are exposed to a hunt, species, or outfitter that you wouldn’t have been otherwise.


Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, I will already have been to Smith’s Pheasant Crest in Oxford, WI to get some birds for smoking. I met with Wayne Smith at his booth in SHOPKO Hall last year and he convinced me that he has the absolute slowest flying pheasants around. As I write this in September, I’ve got a call in to them to schedule that hunt.


Also, the day after Thanksgiving, I am headed to Alberta, Canada on a deer hunt with Kurt Walbeck and Canada Outdoor Adventures. This is a hunt that I bid on two years ago at our fundraiser and I’m just getting around to it. Kurt has been very generous to our chapter, acting as our Master of Ceremonies at our banquet and donating hunts. He also does one heck of a fish boil in the Canadian bush! He’s threatened me with filming my hunt for his Outdoor Bound TV program.


Speaking of EXPO, our website: already has hunts for 2018 on it and more will be added until EXPO. It’s your responsibility to look these over and do your due diligence before you start bidding on them the night of the auction. It’s always a good idea to know what you want, to have communicated with the outfitter ahead of time, and to know what you’re willing to bid.


Just a reminder that an SCI membership is a great birthday gift, anniversary gift, or an I’m sorry I blew up the limbs of your new compound bow by dry firing it gift. If one of your buddies came and dug your truck out of the mud, thank them with a membership.


To our chapter members, monthly meetings have resumed. Watch for your yellow cards in the mail which tell you the date and location. If you bring your wife, she doesn’t have to cook or clean up. You get a good meal and you look like the good guy. We just had a father of three boys named Robb who did a really nice program on black bear hunting in Canada. Made me want to go bear hunting with my bow again.


As you go on your own hunts this year, don’t forget that our Award winning Editor/Publisher, Mark LaBarbera, can always use your pictures and stories for this magazine. It doesn’t have to be the Great American novel, just a story you’d tell to your buddies.


I hope your holidays are safe and bountiful. I hope your hunting is safe and memorable. Now go outside and play.





I look forward to seeing you December 13th for our next members meeting at Mackinaw's in Green Bay.
Steve Taylor will entertain us with his Alberta Moose hunt.